Week One Blogging Mania!

I am naïve not only to blogs, but also websites such as twitter or face book. I typically utilized the internet for research or when I needed to look up a recipe. My experience grew as I became a paramedic educator, but once again my focus was on specific sites related to Emergency Medical Services. As an instructional designer I want to be able to develop programs that move my students forward within the world we now live, which seems to move quicker than most of us ever realized.

One of the ways I want to improve training for paramedics is to give them more avenues from which to learn.  E learning is an excellent way to provide additional training and reduce classroom time. This is not only cost effective for the ambulance services, but allows the paramedic student the opportunity to learn at their own pace and times convenient to them. The website  http://www.elearninglearning.com/design/  is a good reference point for designing elearning programs. There are numerous links within the site; http://www.elearninglearning.com/design/elearning-strategy/  that will allow me to view tips on strategies related to elearning. There are articles and tips that link with instructional design. As a novice to instructional design I feel this site will answer questions I may have and if not, there are areas that provide direction to searching for the answers needed.

The following site fascinated me when I first logged into it


 It is a very interactive blog that will allow me to post my comments or views when they present new articles or books for review. I like that I am able to follow the site without having to continually re-enter when I ‘appear lost’ on links. Upside learning created the site and it certainly appeals to new designers. One of the articles discusses the 30 top online resources. These resources will increase knowledge as I move forward designing within paramedicine.

My third site http://christytucker.wordpress.com/

This site appeals to me as she is an instructional designer whose blog is easy to follow. I hope to be able to have my blog look similar (with practice). Although it focuses on E-learning, the ‘Ask a question’ section deals with instructional design and a broad spectrum of design issues. The majority of my program development will focus on E-learning so Christy’s experience will certainly be an asset as I learn.

The combination of the sites listed above will jumpstart me into the world of blogging. I encourage you to buckle up and enjoy the ride with me on my journey.



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Currently pursuing Masters degree in Instructional Design and Technology
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