About Me

My piece of tranquility in the North

You will usually find me sitting on this dock in the summer. It is located just north of Wiarton, Ontario, Canada.

I thought you should know a little about me since you have ventured into my world of ‘Instructional design for Beginners’. I have been a paramedic in Ontario, Canada for over 28 years and have been involved with teaching paramedicine for almost 20 of them. Although I still work part time as a medic, my full time position is Regional Paramedic Educator for a base hospital program. Paramedics in Ontario work under a medical director’s licence and I am responsible for ensuring the paramedics receive the training and education needed to maintain certification. Innovative technology has opened the door to opportunites for paramedics that were unheard of when I began my career back in 1981. Instructional design will enable me to develop programs that not only enhance the paramedic learniing but also excite them into learning.

When not working or studying, I spend time with my husband and daughter (who both enjoy the lake as much as I do). When the weather prevents us from relaxing at the lake (i.e. Northern winters) we usually hit the road for weekend retreats or relax in front of the fireplace at home.

I am excited that you have taken the time to explore my site and encourage comments and thoughts regarding designing.

I thought I would share one of my favorite pictures. It was taken last August (2010) while I was in Hong Kong.


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